Compleat Linux Traffic Control Configurator

(under development)

Using the program

HTB class bandwidth rates are specified as percentages of the parent class' bandwidth; ceiling bandwidth rates are specified as percentages of the root class' bandwidth. This removes the computational effort involved when determining bandwidths and eliminates the busywork involved when the root class' bandwidth is changed. Here are a few guiding notes.

Click the Load/Save button to load, save, import or clear the configuration.

Click the Worksheet button to edit the configuration.

Click the Code Generator button to review the generated traffic control script. Click the Save button to save the script to your computer for tranfer to your router. Running the script with no arguments produces a usage statement. Usable args are the standard stop, start and restart commands.

Click the Interface Config button to add NICs or to change NICs' colors. Then click the Apply button to effect the changes.

Other notes